Container, cargo, auto shipping and forwarding services overview

Ocean Freight Shipping

Shipping from Tampa Bay area to ports worldwide. We now can offer the services of shipping cars, motorcycles, boats, special machinery in containers from the USA to the following countries... read more about Ocean Freight Services

Domestic Nationwide Car and Cargo Transportation within USA (all 50 states)

We provide collection of cars, motorcycles, boats, special machinery from auctions, private individuals, dealers and delivery to loading warehouses, or nearest ports. Our mission is to provide our customers with vehicle transport services at reasonable and competitive prices... read more about Domestic Nationwide Car and Cargo Transportation

Container Loading

We developed an innovative vehicle loading technique. Combined wood platforms, nylon straps, steel chains or cables ensure the safest loading possible and eliminate possibility of damage to the automobiles, motorcycles... read more about Container Loading

Freight Forwarding and Logistics

In-house Custom House Brokerage, US Customs Title Clearance in all major ports in the USA, Shipper Export Declaration, Bill of Lading or House Bill of Lading, and other export documentation services... read more about Freight Forwarding Services

Marine Cargo Insurance

If you are shipping vehicles overseas, importing or exporting general merchandise, we are ready to give your professional liability the attention it deserves during transportation across the Atlantic... read more about Marine Cargo Insurance

Warehousing and Storage

Short-term or long-term warehousing for auto, boat and RV storage in our secure indoor and outdoor facilities... read more about Warehousing and storage

Car Dismantling

Load in one container up to 10 vehicles instead of 3 or 4 - save on shipping thousands of dollars! It is a cost-effective solution for export of auto parts. Cars are dismantled according to each customer's personal request. Complete disassembly and partial disassembly of the car are possible as well... read more about Car Dismantling